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We manufacture Segmented Rim Chain Sprockets & Grooved Trailing Idler Wheels ( up to 825 mm OD, 100 mm Face Width, 20 M) that are precisely machined to reduce noise and ensure smooth operation & high efficiency in chain drive . Also special radial chamfered design of tooth profile vouches for friction free smooth release of the meshing chain. Various type of  Sprockets include :

1) Split type Segmental Rim Sprocket
2) Conveyor Chain Sprocket
3) Elevator Chain Sprocket
4) Link Chain Wheel
5) Sprockets with Replaceable Toothed Rim or Pocket Teeth and Grooved Trailing Wheels
6) Drive Sprockets & Pinion Gear
7) Roller Chain Simplex , Duplex , Triplex & Multiplex Sprocket
8) Silent Chain Sprocket & Gear

Manufactured using qualitative raw materials like Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron & Cast Steel, are reliable drive system for long running continuous drive application and capable to withstand maximum absorption of shock and effect minimum torque load. The teeth are induction or flame hardened in order to facilitate optimum performance in drive application.

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